Friday, December 4, 2009

Crystal Renn

I know I already posted today, but I am in love with this model and I want to make sure everyone has access to her images. She is fucking gorgeous. And she actually looks like a woman.

She went from (being miserable and) forcing herself to look like this:

To figuring out how to LISTEN TO HER BODY and looking like this (and becoming one of the highest paid American models working today):

Apologies for the picture overload, but I just can't get over how infatuated I am with this individual. She is a fantastic model because she is confident and healthy. That's where her beauty comes from. She hasn't made her career out of being the token plus-size; she's made her career out of being damn good at her job.

And if you can stand to sit through something that's been ghost-written, I recommend her book, Hungry, which has been recently published. If you like the fashion industry but feel alienated from it, her book makes you feel like there's a place for you somewhere in there.

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