Saturday, April 17, 2010

100 Days

I have reached a new milestone:

I have been binge/purge & restriction free for over 100 days.

Elation ensues :)

This is what I feel like

This was my ultimate goal while I have been counting days, and now that I have reached it, I am going to stop counting.

Recovery has obviously become ingrained in my life; each new day free of symptoms is no longer abnormal. I don't have those compulsions anymore.

I have stopped going to the program at St. Joe's as the treatment team felt that I was far enough and strong enough in my recovery to do this on my own.

I think I'm proving them right.

100 days...that's pretty damn good.

My sister made me a pretty necklace and said that it was like my AA chip, but for ED (since we don't get chips. I know, lame, right?)

I don't get one of these...

I don't think I can fully convey just how much of an accomplishment this is...the compulsions to do my ED feel completely gone. That was the hardest part. Honestly, I was never sure I would get to this point. Six months ago, I would have been satisfied with partial recovery. I would have settled for acting on my ED only once a day. At this point, I can taste (pun intended) actual recovery.

I think I'm going to be a success story.

PS Go to my sister's etsy to see the beautiful jewelery she makes. I am one of her models :)